Step Into the Gray

By Anna Nardone Hayden



Gray is the most magical place to be!  It’s the place in life that frees you to be just who you were created to be. Living in the gray is magical because in that place you truly live from your heart, follow your intuition and fulfill your life purpose free from the conditions of others and your own preconceived ideas about life. It’s that special place that brings you peace and harmony.

Counter intuitive? Gray is associated with negative words, such as, dismal, down, depressing. Why? Gray is associated with overcast, rainy days that evoke negative emotions for many. But aren’t rainy days special because they give you permission to do something you had not planned to do?  Isn’t it the rain that cleans the pollen from your car?  Isn’t it the rain that waters your trees, flowers and grass?  Doesn’t the rainy day make you want to curl up on the couch to a read a book, watch a movie, play a game with a friend, or just take a nap?

I love gray rainy days. I love the way it smells even before the rain arrives. I love the way the clouds form in the sky, like they are wrapping me in a soft blanket. I love how the rain cleanses me. The rainy day gives me a pass from “having to” weed my yard. Those days free me from the guilty feeling that I “have to be” outside to take advantage of the day – like we aren’t going to get more sunny days. Conversely, why can’t we be outside when it’s raining? Have you ever noticed how children get so excited to run in the rain and splash in the puddles?  They aren’t at all deterred by the rain. It’s us adults who put the kibosh on that perception and “condition” our children to think of rainy days as negative, because we insist that they stay inside. We say things like, “Don’t get wet. You’ll get sick. The water is dirty. It’s muddy. Don’t jump in the puddles.” When did we become SO serious about life? Probably when our parents conditioned us to hold this same perception or perhaps we shall call it a misperception.

Living in the gray allows you to leave behind the rigid, confining thoughts that keep you from pursuing your purpose. Letting go and moving into unchartered territories can be scary. People like boundaries and their boxes because they feel safe. The walls are familiar. When life is uncertain, it feels out of control. Leaving your comfort zone to follow a new path requires trust and that’s a challenging concept. With practice and dedication, you can embrace all that the gray of life offers. It’s not always pretty, often it’s messy, much like an artist’s studio or a scientist’s lab. In the gray, you can open your mind, shift your thinking, challenge yourself to pursue new opportunities and live life in a different way. The gray of life is freeing from all those things you were told that you “have to be.” When you leave your comfort zone, think of it as setting out on an exciting adventure. You are trusting your inner compass to direct you. You are willing to let go and embrace the unknown. Although you may want to know exactly how life is going to unfold, it’s in the unknown that the gift exists. Trust yourself, step into the gray and lead your best life.



In addition to her full time managerial job, Anna enjoys empowering people to discover and realize their life’s true purpose. She presents talks on and is writing a book exploring “The Magic of Living in the Gray.” For more information, email her at

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