Overarching Concerns: The Feathered Brow is In This Year

Overarching Concerns

The Feathered Brow is In This Year

By Sarah Hainesworth


“The brows are the single-most underestimated
feature on every face. We talk with our eyebrows.”

–  Mehae Kim, brow sculptor, Damone Roberts Salon


Lips and lashes might be a makeup lover’s bread and butter, but beauty gurus are raving about another feature that frames the face: eyebrows. During a recent stop at Ulta Beauty in Annapolis, “eyebrow king” Damone Roberts caught up with Looking Good about this year’s hottest brow trend. Founder of his namesake beauty brand and brow sculptor to celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Roberts declared the full “feathered brow” a key look for 2016.


Local industry professionals Renee Kaplan and Sonya Cortez weigh in on how to achieve the feathered brow. “I am a strong believer of people filling in their brows with brow powder,” says Kaplan, an aesthetician at David Alexander Salon and Spa in Annapolis. “Fill the brows in with a brush and what it does is give texture to the brow. It gives a fullness to the brow.” She recommends Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo.


Cortez, a cosmetologist at Glow Salon in Annapolis, offers another way to create a feathered brow. “The way to achieve it is to use a brow pencil,” she advises. “You’re going to use a stroking method when using the brow pencil so you can mimic the brow hairs. You want it to be very light.” Like Kaplan, Cortez also recommends an Anastasia Beverly Hills product, the Anastasia Brow Whiz pencil.


What about problem eyebrows? Damon Robert’s colleague, Mehae Kim, a senior artist at his Beverley Hills salon works with clients such as Madonna, Alicia Keys, and Channing Tatum. If you are not blessed with full thick brows, they can still be beautiful, she says. The tools she uses include self-applicable gels to dye your brows, brow extensions created with synthetic hairs, and pencil and powder used in combination to “build up the color you want.” For sparse brows, she suggests Damone Robert’s Brow Gain, which contains biotin, castor oil, and vitamins and minerals.


Love them, hate them, just don’t ignore them, Kim cautions. “The brows are the single most underestimated feature on every face. We talk with our eyebrows. The wrong shape can throw off your personality.” For example, brows plucked too thin and severely arched can make you look angry. If you’re frustrated and can’t achieve the look you want at home (even with expensive makeup products), visit a salon. A trained professional can take you to another level. There is no need to be browbeaten.


Tip: When purchasing brow powder or a brow pencil, Kaplan and Cortez note that the shade should not be darker than your natural hair color.




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