The Face OF Waterfront Architecture

Scarlett Breeding, AIA
Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects

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Waterfront architecture on the Chesapeake Bay is both a unique challenge and, of course, a grand and special opportunity. No person has better refined the art of addressing both of these aspects than Scarlett Breeding. A principal in the firm Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects, Scarlett has spent over two decades directing and coordinating a team of architects, civil engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, builders, artisans, and landscapers in the production of over 150 works of residential artistry and timeless beauty. For many, if not most of these projects, the first order of business was a creative analysis of the restrictive Critical Area Law and constructive negotiations with county permitting agents. Variances are hard to come by, but Scarlett Breeding has a batting average that makes her a contender for The World Series.

When the Critical Area legislation was introduced, few people understood what it entailed. Scarlett quickly mastered the new law in detail and soon began giving seminars to realtors and other design professionals. Waterfront clients, initially attracted to this unique expertise, quickly discovered it was just a trifle of what Scarlett could help them accomplish. Negotiating a permitted building footprint with a gorgeous view of a creek or the Bay was just the starting point for a carefully choreographed process that, in the end, produced something of astonishing beauty and elegance: a waterfront home that looked as if it had always been—and belonged—on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay. This special capability for producing extraordinary quality has been recognized with numerous AIA awards, Best Waterfront Home in Annapolis, and publications in over 30 regional and national magazines.