The Face OF The Habits of Health

Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen
Take Shape for Life®

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Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen (Dr. A), the tenth board-certified critical care physician in the country, is a pioneer in critical care. Early in his career as the Director of the ICU at Grandview Hospital in Ohio, Dr. A saw that modern medicine was reactionary and did little to truly help people prevent disease or overcome the behaviors that threatened their longevity.

After 18 years in the field, Dr. A left Grandview and began to work on Dr. A’s Habits of Health, a system of strategies and tools built on the premise that a person’s habits—their small and seemingly inconsequential daily choices—are key to health, disease prevention and longevity. More than a diet program—since 85% of people who lose weight on diets gain it back in two years—the Habits of Health aimed to be a comprehensive and accessible approach to optimal health.

Realizing the power of meal replacements to help patients awaken their ability to create new “habits of health,” Dr. A met with the CEO of Medifast to license their meals and began working out of his home to build a new type of business. Today, that home business is now the $200 million Take Shape For Life health network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medifast, which includes over 100,000 clients and more than 10,000 health coaches. In the near future, Take Shape For Life is evolving to become OPTAVIA, a brand poised for national and international expansion.

Dr. A continues to work from his home on the Chesapeake Bay, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. In between evolving the Habits of Health and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and health professionals, he is an avid sailor and heliskier.