The Face OF Professional Cleaning

Jimmy Wilburn
The Wilburn Company, Inc.

410.789.3320 | 1041 West Nursery Road, Suite 2A, Linthicum, MD 21090 |

The Wilburn Company is an extraordinary success story that began with an ordinary start. Founded in 1998 by Jim Wilburn after his retirement from the Air Force, The Wilburn Company was launched with a handful of employees. Their goal: to provide cleaning services to secured government facilities in Washington, D.C., and beyond.

In 2006, Jimmy Wilburn took over the company reins from his father and oversaw a significant business expansion. Under his guidance, The Wilburn Company grew to over 450 security-cleared employees servicing and maintaining over 8 million square feet of secured office space. In addition to focusing on facilities requiring Top Secret Security Clearance, the company expanded into non-secured commercial office buildings.

Now in 2017, The Wilburn Company is expanding into new industries and geographic markets. Additionally, Jimmy and his team are redefining the way they deliver cleaning services by applying science to their products and services. The Wilburn Company now provides its customers with more health-based offerings than typical cleaning companies. Its GS-42 Certification and Green Seal Certified Products ensure a high level of service and protect everyone’s health, without harming the environment. Ongoing efforts to train and support Wilburn staff elevate and redefine today’s janitor to the level of an Environmental Hygienist. Bottom line—instead of simply cleaning a facility, Jimmy and his team provide their customers with a safer and healthier indoor work environment. And the results are huge: a positive economic, social and environmental impact on everyone involved.