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Kevin Campion & Bob Hruby
Campion Hruby Landscape Architects

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Kevin Campion and Bob Hruby, together with their team of landscape architects, form a community of professionals trying to improve the Chesapeake Bay watershed through thoughtful design. As partners at Campion Hruby Landscape Architects, Kevin and Bob are passionate about the ways in which humans interact with the Bay, and they strive to create a mutually beneficial coexistence of man and nature on each project. Because this mission is so important to them, Kevin and Bob have crafted and positioned their firm to make a positive contribution to the Chesapeake Bay in the coming decades.

Kevin and Bob both grew up in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, each a life-long student of the sensitive environments around them. Bob studied architecture at University of Maryland and landscape architecture at University of Massachusetts. Kevin studied landscape architecture at Penn State and then conservation policy abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. After cultivating their environmental and design sensibilities for many years with renowned local landscape architects, Kevin and Bob worked together to form Campion Hruby Landscape Architects in 2010.

The firm’s work includes gardens and estates around the Chesapeake Bay and throughout the Baltimore Washington metropolitan areas. It also encompasses institutional, urban, commercial and shoreline design projects. At the center of their work is a zeal for creative solutions to complicated problems. As our Chesapeake Bay-area community learns more about its impacts on the environment, Campion Hruby works hard to find the best approach to creating both beauty and resilience in their landscapes.