The Face OF Fitness

Erin Horst

410.224.7220 | 1834 George Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401 |

Erin Horst opened Evolutions in 2001 out of a love and respect for the fitness profession and a deep desire to help people struggling to find a place where they could feel comfortable working out. Fifteen years later, Erin is still dedicated to creating a supportive environment where fitness professionals can do what they do best and a welcoming facility that people of all backgrounds can call their “home away from home” for fitness.

Evolutions’ philosophy focuses on the whole person—mind, body and spirit are equally important. Erin wants to spread mindful-ness and wellness to as many people as possible. This desire stems from a personal struggle with depression and weight issues as a young person.

Erin started in the fitness industry at the age of 25, but soon discovered that without being well in mind and spirit, a fit body was not enough to achieve true wellness. After finding meditation and mindfulness at age 28, Erin’s life changed dramatically. Erin’s desire to create a space for wellness has only intensified as she has become a mother and grown older.

In keeping with this philosophy, Evolutions offers a wide variety of classes and services that support health, fitness and wellness. As Erin likes to say, “When people are mindful, they treat people better; the better we treat each other, the better off the world will be.”