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New Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Advanced Technique Produces Less Scarring and More Natural Results


By Kymberly Taylor

  The nightmare begins—a woman with breast cancer is scheduled for a life-changing ordeal—a double mastectomy. Just 50 years ago a woman was left with a flattened chest, scars and prosthesis after surgery. However, today, breast reconstruction is possible. In general, there are two methods: those that use implants and those that use the patient’s own body tissues..

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Update on Supplements

By Christine Fillat

    We have interviewed doctors, therapists, and members of the general population to get their take on supplements. The results are, as one may imagine, varied. One thing is clear: supplements backed by scientific evidence, research and prescribed by doctors and licensed professionals are gaining in favor. First of all, what are supplements? According to the Johns Hopkins Hospital website, any addition to your regular diet that you.

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Hope For High Blood Pressure

Scientists May Develop a Single Pill to Treat High Blood Pressure

By Gay Jervey

  Scientists in Great Britain have recently announced that they are on the threshold of developing the first effective single pill to combat high blood pressure. The team’s research, presented in the March 2017 journal Hypertension, found that the nitric oxide that regulates blood pressure is formed in nerves rather than in the walls of blood vessels,.

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Cold-Pressed on a Hot Day

By Christine Fillat

  Have you been to the corner of Annapolis Street and Melvin recently? If not, visit soon. If you have, visit again because the offerings are always changing at Rutabaga Craft Juicery, a locally-owned craft juice bar and exceptional place to sip fresh, healthy juice, smoothies, kombucha and more. Three to four pounds of produce go into a 16-ounce juice at Rutabaga, owned by Jim Heywood and Stacey.

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Eye on Women’s Health: Ovary Conservation

By Hawthorne Haywood

    Hundreds of thousands of women a year have elective bilateral oophorectomy, the removal of both ovaries. But a ground-breaking study published in the May 2009 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology reversed prevailing wisdom and said healthy women should hang on to their ovaries–the benefits they provide outweigh the risks they pose. Pre- and post-menopausal ovaries make important hormones that help you stay healthy and live longer. Women.

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Useful Fat

For Breast Reconstruction and Facial Rejuvenation

By Kymberly Taylor     Most of us have been taught that “belly fat” is something to lose as soon as possible. However, for a woman considering breast reconstruction after a disfiguring mastectomy, her fat is indispensable. For doctors, fat, or adipose tissue, is a powerful tool used to help rebuild the breast and heal and rejuvenate skin. It has the following advantages. It naturally.

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The Art Of The Crown

Crowns are amazing restorations—if you break your front tooth horseback riding or decay weakens a molar, a crown covers the damage and reinforces tooth structure in a way that looks natural. Whenever it’s time to get one, however, very few of us leap with joy. Many of us fail to appreciate just how far today’s gleaming crowns have come. In 200 A.D., the Etruscans, who lived in central Italy.

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Dancing for Life

By Christine Fillat  |  Photography by Andrew Holtz

A ballet dancer often portrays effortless grace: Odette’s slow pirouette, Giselle’s controlled arabesque. But such grace comes with much effort, requiring articulation, artistry and strength. Maggie Kudirka’s training in dance has saved her life. It was the summer of 2014, and she was only 23 years old. Her lifelong dream—to train and perform with the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School—was shattered when she.

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Is There Hope for the Headache?

Ahead of the Curve: Innovative Surgery in Annapolis

By Kymberly Taylor     You or someone you know has probably experienced a crippling headache—a throbbing pain begins on one side of the head. If it’s a migraine, light, sounds, smells and even people become irritating. Bright flashes (called aura) may appear. Pain tightens around your head like bands of steel. You leave work, go home, find a dark room and hide..

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Delve into Transcendental Meditation and yoga.

  By Carol Sorgen Woman in lotus pose outdoors Like many of us, Cameron and Debbie Ailiff lead a stressful life. The couple, who live in Davisonville, have five children, own their own business and “Cam” also teaches and coaches high school. “We have a lot going on,” says Cam. “My mind was always racing.” The couple was searching for a calm in their busy lives. Cam.

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