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Female Friendship Blossoms

At the William Paca Garden By Christine Fillat  |  Photography by Angie Myers

  Women, over the years, have been part of a movement, not necessarily feminism, but one more complex and organic, a movement grounded in friendship, the will to rise, succeed and help good causes.
This is what Paca Girlfriend Power is all about. Women entrepreneurs, business owners, mothers, daughters and best friends gather each year at the William Paca House and Garden to raise funds for.

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Peter Mogayzel Jr., MD, PhD Finding A Cure For Cystic Fibrosis

By Kymberly Taylor  |  Photography by Angie Meyers

You do not want cystic fibrosis (CF). This hereditary lung disease is diagnosed at infancy and when first identified in the 1930s had a life expectancy of two years. In simple terms, the gene that regulates the fluids that lubricate.

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Twins Return to Their Ancestral Home




Clothing: Bloomingdale's and Retropolitan Fine Antiques & Vintage

Photographer: David Hartcorn

Creative Director & Fashion Director: Rose DiFerdinando

Stylist & Set Design: Jason Tom

Models: Jade Olivia McDonnell & Jenna McDonnell

Makeup: Carl Ray

Hair: Keia Vita Blu' Bradford


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The Silent Language of Twins

The Silent Language of Twins

By Kymberly Taylor  |  Photography by Jenna and Jade McDonnell

Identical twins Jenna and Jade McDonnell are featured in a photo essay in the preceding pages of this issue of Looking Good. They agree that they have twintuition, loosely defined as “the extrasensory perception and communication shared only between twins.” Researchers report that some twins may devise special signs and sounds for each other, usually at the age of two.

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Looking Good in the Kitchen: Kurt Peter, Executive Chef, Westin Annapolis Hotel


Looking Good in the Kitchen Kurt Peter, Executive Chef, Westin Annapolis Hotel

By Theresa Winslow Photograph by David Hartcorn

Cooking wasn’t always a tasty career choice for Chef Kurt Peter. He started working in restaurants at age fourteen, but knew life as a chef was tough and, preparing for a career outside of the kitchen, went to Lynchburg College for sports management and business. He played lacrosse there,.

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The Spirit Of Style

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