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Look Sharp with a Triangular Bob

    The world has seen many incarnation of the classic bob—The inverted, the stacked, the A-line, the short-layered, and box-layered. It is back this season in its latest reincarnation: the triangle. True to its name, the bob has two angles with the same measure and two sides with the same length. The sleek straight finish is utterly timeless, but a neckline undercut and long layered side bangs make.

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Beautiful Skin & Hair All Summer Long



When protecting your skin this summer, remember these few simple tips: • Less is not more! Apply protection generously. • Take into consideration time of day and level of activity when choosing product. • The maximum time in sun before needing to reapply is two hours (and even that is stretching it). • Wear a hat, glasses and protective clothing with sun filters. By.

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The $475 Facial: Is It Worth It?

By Mary Ann Treger

Just between us (please don’t tell my husband) each year I spend a lot of money on facial rejuvenation. Charges for pricey peels, injectables, IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments, microdermabrasions appear on my credit card bill right alongside other essentials such as food, water and, of course, chocolate and wine. My bathroom vanity is topped with so many bottles of promises that it could.

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Semi-Permanent Brows 101

A Rising Trend Called Microblading

By Kymberly Taylor

Can something so simple as eyebrows and eyelashes change a life? Julie Nguyen, founder and owner of Lash Moi in Crofton, has proof that it can.
She recreated eyebrows for a recent client battling cancer using an advanced technology called microblading. “One woman was going on her fourth chemo treatment and had no eyebrows whatsoever. Now she can look in the mirror when she gets up. She said she had.

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Hot Couture



ZagazigWeb PoynesiaWeb sauvageweb   You can find the swimsuits we featured and more here: Victoria's Secret: Baku Australia: Sauvage:  .

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Beauty Sleuth: Waterproof Makeup to Keep Your Face in Place


Beauty Sleuth Waterproof Makeup to Keep Your Face in Place

By Kymberly Taylor

You have just been invited to a pool party at your boss’s home. Or asked to go waterskiing with your new hot boyfriend or girlfriend, or (shudder) even to fly to a Jamaican resort for a work retreat with colleagues. For nine months, you’ve been seen out and about with a certain “look” created by.

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Two Faced: Makeup for Day & Night


Two Faced Makeup for Day & Night

For above photos:

By Kymberly Taylor and Theresa Winslow Photography by David Hartcorn Stylist: Jazmine Turner Petty Makeup: Renee Kaplan, David Alexander Salon and Spa Hair: Nicole White Clothing: Brown Eyed Girl boutique, Annapolis, MD Black leather jacket: Navette Consignment, Annapolis, MD Model: Amanda Kyriae

Whatever the occasion makeup can enhance your features and help you feel ready to tackle anything. Taking a look from day to night.

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Overarching Concerns: The Feathered Brow is In This Year

Overarching Concerns

The Feathered Brow is In This Year

By Sarah Hainesworth


“The brows are the single-most underestimated feature on every face. We talk with our eyebrows.”

-  Mehae Kim, brow sculptor, Damone Roberts Salon   Lips and lashes might be a makeup lover’s bread and butter, but beauty gurus are raving about another feature that frames the face: eyebrows. During a recent stop at Ulta Beauty in Annapolis, “eyebrow king” Damone Roberts caught up with Looking Good about this year’s hottest.

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Medi-Spas: The Best of Both Worlds

Medi-Spas The Best of Both Worlds

  By Hayley Bowerman Now, with the increasing popularity of medi-spas, spa-goers no longer need to schedule a separate appointment for any cosmetic procedure requiring the attention of a physician. Just a few years ago, many people had not yet heard of the term “medi-spa.” Today, however, the medical center–day spa hybrid has exploded with popularity due to the convenience, comfort, and professional care it offers to patients who are seeking both traditional wellness.

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