Beautiful Skin & Hair All Summer Long



When protecting your skin this summer, remember these few simple tips:
• Less is not more! Apply protection generously.
• Take into consideration time of day and level of activity when choosing product.
• The maximum time in sun before needing to reapply is two hours (and even that is stretching it).
• Wear a hat, glasses and protective clothing with sun filters.

By Renee Kaplan, Esthetician, David Alexander Salon & Spa, Annapolis

Renee recommends morning and noon application of Bronz Repair by Institut Esthederm Paris.



When swimming and suntanning your hair is always compromised. With this in mind, swimmers should use a swim care shampoo such as Malibu for Swimmers Clarifying Shampoo. Whether swimming or not, use some form of a reparative and moisturing conditioner as well. Malibu treatments at your local salon once a month will make a huge difference. In the sun, someone with colored hair should generally wear a hat. But if this is not your style, use a product with a UV protectant to help such as Kérastase Huile Celeste. It’s a shimmering protective care “leave in” for hair exposed to the sun. Always remember to take care of your hair, especially in the summer, when it is prone to extreme damage by sun and chlorine.

By Jamie Myrick, David Alexander Salon & Spa, Annapolis



Protect Your Hair from Sun & Chlorine

To protect your hair from the sun and chlorine, use a clarifying shampoo on a weekly basis. Clarifying shampoo removes chlorine residue and product buildup. Add a hydrating conditioner and UV protectant to round out your summer hair care product lineup.

Also consider wearing your hair in a braid or ponytail. This way, not all of your hair strands will be exposed to the harsh rays of the sun and your scalp will be protected.

By Sadona Salon + Spa, Annapolis





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