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Wedding at Whitehall

An Annapolis Native (and Interior Designer) Creates Her Dream Wedding at an Architecturally Stunning Venue

By Sarah Hagerty  |  Photography by Missy Janes, Stone Barn Photography Margaret Reid and Gibbs Fogarty chose a traditional June wedding in Annapolis, the bride’s hometown. The couple live in Washington, D.C. (where Gibbs grew up) but Annapolitan roots grow deep. The mother of the bride, for instance, teaches French at an Annapolis area private school..

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Is There Hope for the Headache?

Ahead of the Curve: Innovative Surgery in Annapolis

By Kymberly Taylor     You or someone you know has probably experienced a crippling headache—a throbbing pain begins on one side of the head. If it’s a migraine, light, sounds, smells and even people become irritating. Bright flashes (called aura) may appear. Pain tightens around your head like bands of steel. You leave work, go home, find a dark room and hide..

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Eating Healthy with Kids

By Dale Barr   Does this sound familiar? You have a long day at work, just a coffee for breakfast, skip lunch, come home and get dinner ready for the kids but nothing for yourself. So what do you do? You end up eating the leftover chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese and chase it down with a glass of wine or two. Or, you stop to grab something for dinner.

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with Dr. Maria Scott

    By Mary Ann Treger  |  screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-8-19-48-pmPhotography by Heather Crowder When it comes to preparing a joyful Thanksgiving dinner, there are hosts who go by the book and then there are hosts, such as Maria Scott, who tinker with tradition, seamlessly blending her Italian heritage with traditional Thanksgiving fare. On Scott’s holiday table it isn’t unusual for a steaming bowl of gnocchi smothered in red tomato sauce.

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Older But Stronger

Fitness expert Dale Barr reflects on turning 40

  2016-10-02-06-09-18-1-editfinal-edit Beer belly, hair loss, gray hair, wrinkles and stress all forming a “dad bod” is what I had heard would start to occur with a man once he turned 40. I have experienced the milestones of job changes, new cities, marriage, buying our first home and having kids. What hasn’t happened is the terrible aging process I’d seen and heard about.

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Delve into Transcendental Meditation and yoga.

  By Carol Sorgen Woman in lotus pose outdoors Like many of us, Cameron and Debbie Ailiff lead a stressful life. The couple, who live in Davisonville, have five children, own their own business and “Cam” also teaches and coaches high school. “We have a lot going on,” says Cam. “My mind was always racing.” The couple was searching for a calm in their busy lives. Cam.

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The Right Fluff

Tara Jane Grier Creator of Fluffy Layers

  dsc_2420Chickens are humble, lacking the grace of the swan, the subtlety of the pheasant. To make matters worse, chickens are associated with hysteria and even cowardly behavior. Tara Jane Grier, however, sees things quite differently, as most entrepreneurs do. When gazing upon her first two Rhode Island Reds in 2014, she was blinded by their charm, their beauty and, yes, their fluffy layers. Two.

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Refining Spa Creek

Bret Anderson's Vision For Spa Creek

By Kymberly Taylor | Photography by Jennifer Kolosky Eastman dsc_2793 True artists respond viscerally to a paintings’ lines, proportions, fields of color. Mistakes can actually assault (I have been told) the highly trained eye. Experienced builders are much the same. In a split second, they can assess a structure’s “bones,” pinpoint a flaw in a brick lintel, and perceive a poorly placed joist. This.

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Anchors Aweigh

Jenna Elizabeth Mock Marries Kyle Thomas Jones in Annapolis

By Sarah Hagerty  |  Photography by Hamilton Photography   A Naval Academy wedding is a very special event—one that requires an Academy or local military connection, as well as the patience to wait for an available date. Surprisingly, one thing that a Naval Academy Chapel locale does not  require is wearing a uniform. This was important to bride-to-be Jenna Mock who had “always imagined a tuxedo wedding.” The only compromise:.

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Breast Cancer Warrior: Still Cruisin’ Sea and Sky

By Kymberly Taylor

"If you have cancer, eat what you want to eat! The thing you want to keep running right is this thing up here, your head ...”
Super Saber, Dagger, Starfighter, Thunder Chief, Voodoo—these are the names of fighting jets familiar to Michael E. “Mike” Ashford, a nuclear war plane Air Force veteran, former commercial airline pilot, long-time Annapolitan and owner of the renowned McGarvey’s Saloon & Oyster Bar in Annapolis. Ashford knows Annapolis and its.

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