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Lawyers You Need to Know



Liff & Walsh, LLC, is a full-service law firm located in Annapolis providing comprehensive legal representation in residential and commercial real estate matters throughout Maryland. We combine our knowledge in the local market with an ability to negotiate terms, evaluate potential risks and recommend cost-efficient solutions for our clients. We will guide you through the intricacy of various real estate transactions.

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A Better Heart

By Hawthorne Haywood

Many people think of the heart as an extremely delicate and complex organ. Yet Dr. John William McEvoy (Bill), a cardiologist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, explains that the heart is a fairly straight-forward pump.

To learn more about how this pump functions and overall heart health, we sat down with Dr. McEvoy and discussed common myths about the.

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Step Into the Gray

By Anna Nardone Hayden


Gray is the most magical place to be!  It’s the place in life that frees you to be just who you were created to be. Living in the gray is magical because in that place you truly live from your heart, follow your intuition and fulfill your life purpose free from the conditions of others and your own preconceived ideas about life..

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Aim High!

Patricia Winterfield and Air Force Major Reyn Yamashiro chose a civil ceremony loaded with charm for their September 2016 wedding.

    By Sarah Hagerty  |  Photography by Margaux Cerminaro Photography The Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County may not leap to mind when you think of magical wedding venues. But you might just be surprised. The courthouse is a beautiful brick edifice on Church Circle in the heart of Annapolis. Built.

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“Brush Your Shoulders Off”

By Dale Barr

    Are you reading this sitting at your computer? Maybe hunched over reading on your phone, or flipping through the magazine while on the couch? I know you’ve probably spent some time driving today too. Our modern lifestyle has us doing all of these activities for far too many hours and every one of them has us in poor posture. Shoulders rounded forward, upper back hunched.

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The Inn At Perry Cabin’s Star

Chef Ken MacDonald


Photo of Chef and article by Christine Fillat

    What happens when a Scottish chef takes over the kitchen in the most exclusive hotel in St. Michaels on Maryland’s Eastern Shore? At Stars, the fine dining restaurant at the Inn At Perry Cabin, chef Ken MacDonald’s cuisine celebrates life on the Chesapeake. Expect lively dishes served up with super secret.

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New Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Advanced Technique Produces Less Scarring and More Natural Results


By Kymberly Taylor

  The nightmare begins—a woman with breast cancer is scheduled for a life-changing ordeal—a double mastectomy. Just 50 years ago a woman was left with a flattened chest, scars and prosthesis after surgery. However, today, breast reconstruction is possible. In general, there are two methods: those that use implants and those that use the patient’s own body tissues..

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Look Sharp with a Triangular Bob

    The world has seen many incarnation of the classic bob—The inverted, the stacked, the A-line, the short-layered, and box-layered. It is back this season in its latest reincarnation: the triangle. True to its name, the bob has two angles with the same measure and two sides with the same length. The sleek straight finish is utterly timeless, but a neckline undercut and long layered side bangs make.

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Update on Supplements

By Christine Fillat

    We have interviewed doctors, therapists, and members of the general population to get their take on supplements. The results are, as one may imagine, varied. One thing is clear: supplements backed by scientific evidence, research and prescribed by doctors and licensed professionals are gaining in favor. First of all, what are supplements? According to the Johns Hopkins Hospital website, any addition to your regular diet that you.

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Can Women Have it All?

By Jessica Shelton | Photography by Heather Crowder


Looking Good Magazine asked Dr. Kelly Sullivan, a highly successful plastic surgeon and founder of Sullivan Surgery and Spa and the non-profit Wellness House, to weigh in on a controversial topic: Can women today have it all? Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook chief operating officer and pioneer of the Lean In movement, observes there is still much work to be.

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