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Staying Fit the Blue Angels Way

By Mary Ann Treger  |  Photography courtesy of the Blue Angels

  Ever wonder what these extraordinary pilots do to stay in shape mentally and physically? We asked them to share their nutrition and fitness regimes. On Nutrition LCDR Joe Schwartz, Former Blue Angels Flight Surgeon For most of us, our diet would be described as “paleo-light Mediterranean,” avoiding simple carbohydrates, “cheat days” and processed.

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Eye on Women’s Health: Ovary Conservation

By Hawthorne Haywood

    Hundreds of thousands of women a year have elective bilateral oophorectomy, the removal of both ovaries. But a ground-breaking study published in the May 2009 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology reversed prevailing wisdom and said healthy women should hang on to their ovaries–the benefits they provide outweigh the risks they pose. Pre- and post-menopausal ovaries make important hormones that help you stay healthy and live longer. Women.

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The Summer Side of Life

Leading fashion designers share new styles for 2017.

[huge_it_gallery id="2"].

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Tiny Habits, Big Results

By Dale Barr

    Being out of shape and overweight can be stigmatizing. You’re reminded of it each day when you look in the mirror and put on clothes. Television and magazines pound unattainable images of good-looking fit people into our minds multiple times throughout the day. It’s no wonder it takes such a big mental and emotional toll on us. When these images end up being our ideal, we.

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Beautiful Skin & Hair All Summer Long



When protecting your skin this summer, remember these few simple tips: • Less is not more! Apply protection generously. • Take into consideration time of day and level of activity when choosing product. • The maximum time in sun before needing to reapply is two hours (and even that is stretching it). • Wear a hat, glasses and protective clothing with sun filters. By.

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Q&A with Chef Jonathan Seningen, Executive Chef, Blackwall Hitch

Photography by Geoffrey Hodgdon

  A graduate of The French Culinary Institute in New York—now renamed the International Culinary Center (ICC) with its program expansion into Italian, Spanish, and Wine Studies—Chef Jonathan Seningen spent four years in New York City working at renowned restaurants before returning to Washington, D.C. to train under Chef Yannick Cam of Le Paradou. During his time in D.C., Seningen was chef at OYA, Hook, SAX,.

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Secret No More: A Memoir by Lisa Hillman

Review by Laura Oliver

  The first call came while Lisa and her husband, Dick, were relaxing after work in their Annapolis Historic District home. At the time, Lisa was President of Anne Arundel Medical Center’s foundation and Dick, a retired lawyer and former mayor of Annapolis, was involved in a variety of post-retirement activities. When the call came in, sunlight slanting through the library windows burnished the copper-colored.

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Amazing Grace

Yumi Hogan is America's first  Korean-American first lady. A native of Jeollanam Province in rural South Korea, she brings an artist’s perspective to this very public role. LGM is delighted to share this with readers as well as her reflections on the power of art, domestic violence, motherhood, and her biggest extravagance—spending time in her art studio.

By Mary Ann Treger  | Photography by David Hartcorn  | .

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By Christine Fillat   Irving Winters and Wendy Glasgow Winters have special gifts. Both have powerful intellects, extraordinary drive, and an attractive bulletproof quality. Inner strength does not begin to describe it. Wendy, a natural leader, used her talents as dean of Smith College during an era where black academics were few and far between. Irving, who graduated from Yale University in three years, has a keen mind. As.

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Useful Fat

For Breast Reconstruction and Facial Rejuvenation

By Kymberly Taylor     Most of us have been taught that “belly fat” is something to lose as soon as possible. However, for a woman considering breast reconstruction after a disfiguring mastectomy, her fat is indispensable. For doctors, fat, or adipose tissue, is a powerful tool used to help rebuild the breast and heal and rejuvenate skin. It has the following advantages. It naturally.

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