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    Can Women Have it All?

    By Jessica Shelton | Photography by Heather Crowder   Looking Good Magazine asked Dr. Kelly Sullivan, a highly successful plastic surgeon and founder of Sullivan Surgery and Spa and the non-profit Wellness House, to weigh in on a controversial topic: Can women today have it all? Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook chief.
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    Macho Luxe

    Leading fashion designers share new menswear styles for Fall 2017..
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    The Upside to Down Syndrome

    GiGi’s Playhouse Comes to Annapolis By Jessica Shelton | Photography by Heather Crowder     A popular adage dictates: where there’s a will, there’s a way. But substitute “mom” for “will” and you’ve got a formula for social change. Throughout history, devout and dynamic mothers have led the charge, winning.
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    Paca Girlfriends Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs

    By Mary Ann Treger | Photography by Heather Crowder   Mary Petersen, Founder and President of CAFÉ (Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education) and Paca Girlfriends Committee Member What’s rule number one for a successful entrepreneur? Find a need and fill it. That’s exactly what Mary Petersen did in.
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    Hope For High Blood Pressure

    Scientists May Develop a Single Pill to Treat High Blood Pressure By Gay Jervey   Scientists in Great Britain have recently announced that they are on the threshold of developing the first effective single pill to combat high blood pressure. The team’s research, presented in the March 2017 journal Hypertension,.
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    Sickness and Fitness

    By Dale Barr   Recently we had a nasty stomach bug roll through our house. As these things go it started with one of the little people, then to me and then to our other little guy. It was a tough four-to-five-day span full of high fevers, vomit and, shall.
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    Cold-Pressed on a Hot Day

    By Christine Fillat   Have you been to the corner of Annapolis Street and Melvin recently? If not, visit soon. If you have, visit again because the offerings are always changing at Rutabaga Craft Juicery, a locally-owned craft juice bar and exceptional place to sip fresh, healthy juice, smoothies, kombucha.
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    Staying Fit the Blue Angels Way

    By Mary Ann Treger  |  Photography courtesy of the Blue Angels   Ever wonder what these extraordinary pilots do to stay in shape mentally and physically? We asked them to share their nutrition and fitness regimes. On Nutrition LCDR Joe Schwartz, Former Blue Angels Flight Surgeon For most of us,.
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    Eye on Women’s Health: Ovary Conservation

    By Hawthorne Haywood     Hundreds of thousands of women a year have elective bilateral oophorectomy, the removal of both ovaries. But a ground-breaking study published in the May 2009 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology reversed prevailing wisdom and said healthy women should hang on to their ovaries–the benefits they.
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    The Summer Side of Life

    Leading fashion designers share new styles for 2017..